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how can you start blogging and make massive money

Hello, My name is Satish Yadav and I live in Mumbai but I'm from utter Pradesh(UP).In this article, I'm gonna tell you what my blogging experience is, how I started my blogging journey, and how you can start your own blogging websites.

How I started my blogging journey and make money

There are lots of guidance and information on the internet you can easily start your own blogging website but the things are how much time this takes, how much time we have to give per day, is Blogspot domain is enough, do we really have to purchase premium themes, WordPress vs blogger, can we add customization as we want in blogger, like this all those things are covered in this article.

In fact, you can start your blogging journey without reading this article too, it's too easy but not for beginners. I will share my all experience and knowledge related to blogging into one article so please read carefully and note that important point which you didn't know.

If you read this article that means you are on my one of the blogging website which means you already knew that my website name but still I'm gonna tell you the name so it is "nowtechspot".

how to start blog and make money
how to start blog and make money
Nowtechspot is a website that usually covers data structure and algorithms, BSC.IT, BCA syllabus topics, trending topics, and many more things like that but the main goal is to provide the meaning knowledge to the viewers that are rare and not covered by others. So go and visit all pages of it what it exactly contains. If you really like this then please comments which are regarding your suggestions or something else. how to start blog and make money

how to start blog and make money

How I started blogging which pays me
How I started blogging which pays me

When I started and when you have to start.

Here you know my first website name nowtechspot lets talk about when I started it. So basically I was in my 10th standard and I have one IT subject and the mam of that subject was not so great but she told me a great thing, which was a "blogging". She introduced me to blogger and shows all the students how the account is created and everything. But I not so enough mature to understand that all. But I have to give the credit because whatever she told me doesn't matter but at least she introduced to start blog and make money

But don't worry you can start blogging doesn't matter which stage you are in.


First of all, you need to collect the basic knowledge of the internet for your own simplicity and also practice how blogger works. for that, I suggest you watch this full video before starting the blogging.

For those who don't know the meaning of domain, it is basically the name of your blogger website which is generally you have to purchase from the site most of the time you can work with free domain also. For the practice purpose. how to start blog and make money

When to buy a domain or not to buy a domain.

If you are a complete beginner then definitely you do not have to buy the domain you can work with your own subdomain which is completely free and provides by bloggers too else you can go with free domains like .tk, .ml, etc. Here freenom is the most popular website for a free domain. If you are a beginner then try those all things.

here, I'm gonna talk about those who have a certain knowledge of blogging who is already working with a free domain and wanna grow their own blogging website then they definitely go with paid top-level to start blog and make money

Don't worry I will provide you complete information related to the domain in my next article.


Basically, it is totally similar to domain sections if you directly jump on to the Theme part then go with the domain section first. If you are a beginner and doesn't earn anything from blogger then go with free themes I will also provide you the link to the best free responsive themes for blogger and WordPress to start blog and make money

WordPress vs blogger.

Basically, WordPress requires the first domain and hosting which means you first have to invest in that and you will get a return from it. But in my case, I choose blogger first and also suggest you choose blogger because the first time of your blogging career is happening with no cost assume that you brought a domain and hosting and you don't have sufficient knowledge or experience than that will be a total waste that's the reason I'm suggesting you choose blogger first if you start you blogging as beginner. how to start blog and make money

Some of you also think that as I mentioned above we can buy a free domain too so why we have to purchase the paid domain. So if you work with free domains like .tk, .ml, etc.. then it's not a top-level domain that's free we all know, and google knows too. They don't rank your site infect don't shows fastly have lots of problem after changing one domain to a top-level domain. how to start blog and make money

As an IT student, I know how to get a top-level domain as it's free infect I already have 3 top-level domains that are completely free. Don't worry I will also share my tricks with you with my recent post or you can also catch me on Instagram where I'm most active during the whole to start blog and make money

The time is given per day.

It totally depends on you but my suggestion is to take time at least "1" month first to understand how blogger actually works and then do whatever you want but don't forget to consistent. build a habit to write one article daily, create a habit of searching and researching on any topic. As I do to my to start blog and make money

After writing SEO it takes me to 2 to 3 hours for off-page SEO and you can include on-page SEO after finishing your articles. This means it takes 2 to 3 days to write your article with SEO if you give 1 to 2 hours daily to the to start blog and make money

1. First day for researching and designing your prototype of the actual article in your notebook or on any blank paper.

2. Second day for writing your article.

3. Third day for SEO and then publish.

If you are not good at writing skill then it will be difficult for you to start your blogging career I must suggest you before starting your blog you first have to full fill the gaps that you don't have again most important you must have the knowledge of wasting your money and investing your money. If you are investing in something rather than wasting that means you're going I recommend you to carry this book to improve your writing skills first with some cheap cost or you can also read from kindle is to start blog and make money


Yes, as an IT student I know the basics of languages of Html, CSS, javascript, so I can easily customize my own websites easily but don't worry if you are not I can be here for you let me comment whenever you want. I can give which I have as you also look into my article.

After these steps, you can rank your websites easily as I do with mine. You have to believe this if you search on google  "best cashback app in India 2020" this keyword then you will find my website too on the first-page ranking 2 to 3 now this time it depending on when you read this today's date is 29 December 2020. how to start blog and make money

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