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top 5 websites to learn programming | best websites to practice programming


Top 5 websites to improve your coding skill for free.
best websites to practice programming

Introducing you CODECADEMY an American online-based platform that provides you a free coding academy in twelve (12) different programming languages as follows C#, C++, SQL, RUBY, SWIFT, JAVASCRIPT, GO, JAVA, PYTHON, and SASS and even markup languages as follows HTML and CSS. 
Codecademy was founded by ZACK SIMS and RYAN BUBINSKI in August 2011.

Why Codecademy is a better choice:

Codecademy is a good looking and better option for those who need a good Kickstart for their coding and programming journey. It'll teach you to how code works and what code exactly is. Even Codecademy is trusted by more than 45 million people. there are still many more options however I'll personally suggest to them who want to learn faster, earlier, and better. 

top 5 websites to learn programming
best websites to practice programming

Here's informing you of an easier choice for coding and programming and an awesome profitable website FREE CODE CAMP

Free code academy is an American based website founded by QUINCY LARSON recently dated October 2014.

Why I'm suggesting you FREE CODE CAMP

If you want to boost your typing skill in the field of coding and programming so it'll make you perfect as possible. It'll skip your each and every minute doubts in coding. Free code academy is an awesome and great place for the Self-learners that intend to make learning in web development too. Free code academy is useful as you need.

top 5 websites to learn programming
best websites to practice programming

CODE WARS is a Non-profitable organization that consists of interactive learning for Software development on which people can flash the mistakes they commonly make in programming languages also popular for KATAS. 


The purpose of programming KATAS to help programmers to make their skill as more as wide through practicing them and nurture their acknowledgment better. The AIM of CODE WARS for COMPUTER Programmers on the path of software development is to train on programming challenges know as KATAS these make's them trained in a wide range of skill in a variety of programming languages

top 5 websites to learn programming
best websites to practice programming

Eventually, if you don't yet learn the first word about coding, then CODE CONQUEST is an awesome place to enter. 


Code conquest keeps combined the beginner's classes which will give you all the knowledge and information you want and you need on coding, It will help your deeper level of understanding of how coding take place and how computer converted the simple language into computer language. 

top 5 websites to learn programming
best websites to practice programming

GENERAL ASSEMBLY DASH has launched a new online service that teaches basics WEB DEVELOPMENT for FREE, in your browser, it's called DASH and it's users learn how to use HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS. 


Yes! Get an initial idea of the basics of software ENGINEERING using DASH. Dash provides you FREE online learning platform. This profitable Introductory Livestream can give the best Kickstart your journey into UX DESIGN, DIGITAL MARKETING, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, STATISTICS, JAVASCRIPT, HTML/CSS, and DATA ANALYST. Even DASH will be going to provide a JOB at a good STARTUP.

There are many and more websites which teach you free coding however above 5 websites are chosen because they are top In all you can take other Information of their for your better. 

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