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how to write synopsis for projects and for research

Welcome to notechspot, In this article, you are going to know how to write a synopsis.

Project Ideas:

1.       Simple Web server.

2.       Basic Express Website.

3.       User login System.

4.       Node blog System.

5.       BookStore.

6.       ChatIO.

7.       FindaDoc Directory.

8.       Porfolio app.

9.       E-learning System.

10.   RecipeBook.

How to write synopsis:

The synopsis should include:


First page:

Roll number

Full name

Class and Division

Name of Project Guide


Followed by:

Title of project


Existing Problem

Proposed Features

Front end and Back end (Software/Hardware Req.)

Modules and Process description.

Slide 1 :

how to write synopsis
how to write synopsis

Slide 2 : 

how to write synopsis
how to write synopsis

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