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console based project in java | E-bank




Welcome to Nowtechspot, in this article we are going to see a console-based application that is written in a java programming language.

console based project in java | E-bank
console based project in java | E-bank

This project helps you to.

1.      Get confidence in the java programming language.

2.    Revise your core concept of java fundamentals.

3.    Familiarity

Before reading this article you should have to know some basic concepts of java fundamentals.

1.      Class.

2.    Object.

3.    Interface.

4.   Methods.

5.    Package.

6.    Annotations.


# E-Bank: console based project in java

E-bank is an Electronic demo Bank that has been created under java a language that means it can be run on any platform.

In this code, there is to be seven functions/methods which may perform following task according to their behaviour or as a name suggest.

these function are,


    public void addBankAccount();

    public void removeBnankAccount();

    public void depositeMoney();

    public void widthrawMoney();

    public void showBalance();

    public void showDetails();

    public void showHistory();


            output: of 1)ADD Account.



            1)ADD ACCOUNT

            2)DELETE ACCOUNT

            3)SHOW DETAILS

            4)SHOW BALANCE

            5)DEPOSIT MONEY

            6)WITHDRAW MONEY

            7)SHOW HISTORY


            Choose your option:


            Enter your Account Number:


            Enter Account Holder Name:


            Which type of Account you want [s/c]


            Enter mobile number


            Enter your age


            Do you want to continue:[Y/N]




            output: of 3)show details



            Choose your option:



            ==========Your Details============

            your Account Number:12345

            Account Holder Name:SATISH

            type of Account is:s

            mobile namuber is:9678541320

            your age is:18

            Do you want to continue:[Y/N]


            output of 5)deposit Money.

            Choose your option:


            How much you want to deposit:


            you deposited 1000.0 in your Account

            Do you want to continue:[Y/N]



            output of withdraw Money:


            Choose your option:



            How much you want to withdraw:


            you withdraw 200.0 from your Account

            Your current Balance is: 800.0

            Do you want to continue:[Y/N]


            the output of 4) show balance:

            Choose your option:


            yours current balance is:800.0

            Do you want to continue:[Y/N]



            the output of 7) transection history:

            Choose your option:


            -------------TRANSACTION HISTORY------------

            0th transection :1000.0

            1st transection :-200.0


            Choose your option:



            If you want to remove your Account then probably you lost your amount that is stored in NOWTECHSPOT-EBank


            Kindly request to the user first, you have to withdraw your money!!!

            Thank You.

            Do you really want to continue:[Y/N]


            your account will be removed

            BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 5 minutes 8 seconds)


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